On the Issues

As a small business owner, Todd understands how challenging the past year has been. He’s not alone — businesses across our community have struggled to make ends meet or been forced to close. And for too long, Tallahassee has protected large corporations at the expense of small businesses and workers. As our State Representative, Todd will ensure our state better supports businesses during times of crisis and create economic opportunities for every Floridian.

Florida can't wait to take bold action on climate change. Todd understands that rising sea levels and increasingly violent storms pose an immediate threat to our environment. He's committed to promoting green energy, investing in resiliency, and making Florida a global leader in the fight against climate change.

As a young gay man, Todd was told that being gay in politics was too difficult and struggled to find LGBTQ+ role models in public life. When he and Jeff adopted Blake and got married, they faced countless legal obstacles. Todd knows what it means to be marginalized, and that’s why he’ll be a tireless voice for civil rights in Tallahassee. He’ll work to strengthen our hate crime laws, protect our community from anti-Semitism and racial violence, and fight employer discrimination.

Climate change poses an imminent threat to our coastal community, and for too long, our leaders in Tallahassee have chosen inaction when it comes to protecting our environment. Todd will expand green energy, protect our water, improve funding for coastal resiliency, and create jobs by modernizing our infrastructure.

Expanding Medicaid will help thousands of Floridians access healthcare at no cost to taxpayers. But for more than a decade, Republicans have stood in the way. Todd will make expanding Medicaid and improving access to care a top priority.

Instead of tackling issues like healthcare and climate change, Republicans in Tallahassee have limited our right to vote. Todd supports expanding vote by mail, same-day voter registration, and fair legislative and Congressional districts.