On the Issues

Protecting Reproductive Rights

If the Federal government is not going to stand up for reproductive rights, Florida needs to. Todd is ready to ensure everyone has access to an abortion in Florida, regardless of their income, and will work to reverse regressive anti-abortion laws in Florida. Out of touch legislators in Tallahassee should not be telling people what to do with their bodies.

Reducing Gun Violence

Too often we see people getting shot down in their communities. After Uvalde and Parkland, Todd is worried about his kid’s safety in school. Todd is ready to implement common-sense gun reforms that will reduce not just mass shootings, but the everyday gun violence that doesn’t make the headlines.

Bringing Down Everyday Costs

With inflation rising, everyday costs are out of control. The price of gas, housing, and healthcare is skyrocketing, especially here in South Florida. Todd understands that these rising costs are hurting Floridians and is ready to eliminate the gas tax, invest more in our affordable housing, and ensure we expand Medicaid along with making sure healthcare is affordable to everyone.

Standing Up for LGBTQ Equality

Recent attacks on the LGBTQ+ community are personal for Todd as a gay man. Todd and Jeff want their son to be proud of their family, not have to hide it. If children are not feeling accepted for who they are or the family they come, it will harm them. Todd will work to reverse the “Don’t Say Gay” law, along with expanding protections for the LGBTQ+ community from discrimination.

Protecting Our Environment

Florida can’t wait to take bold action on climate change. Todd understands that rising sea levels and increasingly violent storms pose an immediate threat to our environment. He’s committed to promoting green energy, investing in resiliency, and making Florida a global leader in the fight against climate change.