Meet Todd

Todd Delmay is a husband and dad, a businessman and entrepreneur, and an activist for civil rights. He believes in the strength of our communities when we embrace the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Todd and his husband were one of six plaintiff couples that sued for the right to marry in Florida, and were the first to marry when the judge lifted her stay in 2015. Together they are raising their son and working together in business.

Todd has owned his own travel agency since 2001, when he purchased the business 5 months before the tragic events of 9/11. Initially one of the country’s youngest travel agency owners, he has also operated his own tour company, built an online reservation system, and worked with some of the largest trade shows and music festivals in the world. Like many small business owners and travel industry professionals, the COVID-19 pandemic devastated his business. As a business owner through some of the most challenging moments in American history, he knows what it takes to support small businesses and help our economy recover.

Todd met his husband Jeff in 2003. In 2010, Jeff had to adopt their son Blake as a “single parent” because Florida law prohibited “homosexuals” from adopting children. When the law was overturned, Todd adopted Blake as a second parent. In 2014, Todd and Jeff were plaintiff couples in a lawsuit to overturn Florida’s ban on same-sex marriage and became the first gay gouple to marry in Florida when the ban was overturned. The name “Delmay” comes from the couple’s birth names, Todd May and Jeff Delsol. Todd’s experience fighting for equal rights helped fuel his commitment to public service, and he’ll continue to fight for legal equality for all LGBTQ+ people as our state representative. 

In addition to his civil rights activism and 25 years in the travel and hospitality industry, Todd is also the President of the LGBTQ+ Council, Board Chair of Pridelines in Miami, Board Secretary of the Downtown Hollywood Business Association, ex-officio Board Member and Government Affairs Committee Member of the Greater Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and also serves on Hollywood’s Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Originally from Michigan, Todd grew up in a union household, first in a mobile home before moving to a house when his brother was born. Todd majored in Theatre (and German) at Hope College and later earned his MBA from Strayer University.